paper doll – Philip Sparks SS10

Philip Sparks SS10 paper doll

To celebrate all the Spring/Summer 2010 shows happening in Toronto this October, I decided to create a set of paper dolls to dress up in all the fresh looks from some of my favourite Canadian designers.  This is a time-consuming project, so I expect that the complete set will be finished sometime in November, just in time for Christmas.

Once the dolls are complete, there will be a complete, premium paper-doll book available, as well as a downloadable PDF with a few dolls available for free.

I would also love to see a flash version of these dolls available for free – alas I don’t have the skills to make that happen, so if there are any techy volunteers out there who would like to help out, please email me.

The first doll is based on Philip Sparks‘ show – an idealized vision of a 1960s Northern Ontario fishing trip.  I especially adored the red windbreakers and the original prints by Kerry Croghan.

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11 thoughts on “paper doll – Philip Sparks SS10”

  1. What a great idea!
    There’s something that I’ve always loved about paper dolls, they seem to have a certain retro nostalgia attached to them. I look forward to getting a briefing on the collections since I won’t be able to attend Fashion Week this year.

  2. i’ve been wanting to make myself paper dolls of cute clothes for a while, but this is SUCH a better execution than I would have been able to manage. I can’t wait for the complete book!

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