paper dolls – Travis Taddeo SS10

Travis Taddeo SS10

Travis Taddeo‘s clothes are all about attitude – what he does best is a contrast between oversized, soft jersey and tight, body-conscious leather.  Its all a little NSFW, 19+, which suits fashion week just fine – he stands well apart from the pack.  My favourite part of Taddeo’s show is always the finale – Taddeo walks to the runway with a brooding gaze towards the camera pit, and his gang of scantily clad, baseball bat wielding models follow him in a tight pack before they all turn abruptly and walk back.  Its the sort of thing a designer only gets to do twice a year and it looks like a very satisfying thing to do.

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8 thoughts on “paper dolls – Travis Taddeo SS10”

  1. Hi Danielle! How are you? Hope things are going well for you! I gave out my new cards with the banner you designed for me and they were a big hit! They love your illustrations! I am running a great contest right now so check it out if you have a chance!

  2. gorgeous pics but the female model needs to be way skinnier. his lycra stuff does not accommodate a single womanly curve, sadly.

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