event – The Roosevelt Room press preview

paparazzi outside the Roosevelt Room
For some reason I was invited to the press preview at the new supper club in the club district, The Roosevelt Room.  The theme is art deco/prohibition and what totally set the tone of the night was the paparazzi/comedy troupe outside the front door, lots of yelling and flashbulbs, it was pretty funny.

Inside they had sexy little performances with happy dancers, tasty tiny burgers, really salty French Onion soup and really expensive cocktails.
dancers at The Roosevelt Room
As a rule, I am not the supper club sort – any place with a bathroom attendant isn’t a place I feel comfortable in.  But it is very nice to be included with the press and social set – a chance to catch up with fashion week friends now that everyone has had some time to chill out.

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2 thoughts on “event – The Roosevelt Room press preview”

  1. The thing with bathroom attendants is that I’m never expecting them. I walk into the bathroom and look into my wallet and without fail, all I’ve got is $20s, nickels and TTC tokens.

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