the late review – Closet Confidential (+ giveaway!)


Closet Confidential

Not to sound like an old fogey, but I’ve been fashion blogging since 2005… and among my fellow veteran fashion bloggers from those days who have stuck with it, Daddy Likey is like the class clown who is now a full fledged author.  This book deal couldn’t have happened to a nicer fashion blogger.  I love Winona’s blog because she know the secret to finding the fun in fashion is all about finding the funny in fashion, a subject that is never short of absurdity.

Her book, Closet Confidential: Style Secrets Learned the Hard Way is a wonderfully portable way to have more Winona in your life.  I read it while taking a cross-city subway trip and not only did I get stares for the number of LOLs I was having, I even saw a fellow commuter write down the title of the book.  Besides the laughs, Winona shares her hard-won style tips which are a refreshing refresher for any fellow fashion-o-phile and down-to-earth straight talk for any fashion-o-phobe.

The cute illustrations are by Sam Trout and totally fit with the book’s vibe.  If I may be a picky professional for a moment, some garment details (like the collar on the trench coat) look awkward. So I am fussy about construction details and proportions when it comes to illustrating clothes.

BONUS – I have a copy of this book which I get to give away to a lucky Final Fashion reader.  To win, just leave a comment on this post with your own “style secret learned the hard way”.  I’ll select the winner randomly on November 20th.

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11 thoughts on “the late review – Closet Confidential (+ giveaway!)”

  1. ha ha my ‘style secret learned the hard way’ is don’t ride a bicycle in a pencil skirt! By the time you get where your going, your skirt is a belt.

  2. I do love me some Winona! :3 My fashion secret learned the hard way is to always try on stuff before you buy it. I (used to) have a bad habit of just snatching what I thought was my size and getting out of the store as fast as possible. Dozens upon dozens of ill-fitting skirts, shoes, and pairs of underwear later, I’ve finally learned that I should just take the five minutes to do it right.

  3. mine is: “follow your body shape, because you might end up looking ridiculous in that awesome and trendy jumpsuit”

    or to say it otherwise, choose the clothes for your body, there is no need to follow the trends all the time 🙂

  4. I definitely agree with my fellow Nadia in that you should respect fit and proportion more than any trend. The trends are there to serve you, not you them.

    The style secret learned the hard way? Oh, there are so many to choose from… But I think I have to go with:

    “Be careful when decade-diving — you don’t want to look costumey.”

    For me, it can be a fine line between wanting to express my eccentric point of view through playing with other time periods and sartorial contexts and becoming a complete joke/disaster.

  5. Mine would be ‘Never wear shoes (especially high heels) that don’t fit right. Even if they are beautiful and the only pair they had left were a size too small. Fashion is not worth that much pain!’
    I would also say ‘Remember to take the sticky strips with the size on off clothes when you wear them, I total forget to do this and ended up wearing jeans with the size strip down the back of one leg! Idiot!’

  6. I would say dress in what makes you happy, because otherwise you won’t be as confident & that’ll definitely shine through what you’re wearing, no matter how gorgeous it is.

    (and yeah, it’s learned the hard way! I wore uncomfortable clothes or clothes I just didn’t like for years trying to make others happy. it just doesn’t work.)

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