contest – win a Paper Dolls book

paper doll collection

So you want to win a paper doll book?  I’m going to extend the deadline to Monday December 21st.

Using the JPGs available here, I want you to dress a doll; use Photoshop or another program to help you do it.  The challenge is to use a model from one designer and clothing and accessories from at least two other designers.  The best mashed-up outfit wins a book.

But that’s not all; I’d like to see you have some fun with it.  So I’ll also give away a few full-size PDFs to entries I think are particularly funny, or wicked, or silly, or clever.  Bonus points for adding backgrounds and speech bubbles.  Go for it – start chopping.  To qualify, post your entry on your blog or facebook profile or twitter account with a link to this post.  Good luck!

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5 thoughts on “contest – win a Paper Dolls book”

  1. Danielle, I am utterly charmed by your paper-doll project. Such beautiful work — I need the PDF so I can print some to frame and put up on my walls.

    Consider me a fan.

    Wish I could have fit more into the METRO story; hope it results in some book sales for you. xo

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