event – Hi-Style Holladaze

the Style Council chills in style
Check out these kids, they know how to have a happy Holladaze.  This party was all about celebrating the diverse Hi-Style of the members of the Style Council, in 69 Vintage‘s new location on Bloor Street West.

Style Council thanks Rea
Everyone thanked Rea McNamara, the intrepid coordinator of the Style Council and the editor of the mini-mag that recorded their stories.

Septembre's outfit
On the walls, style council members like Septembre showed their styling skills using 69’s merchandise.  She asked me to add an illustration and I obliged.

Saida Baba rocks out
Saida Baba Talibah graced us with an intensely charismatic and inspiring musical performance.

Cat does some shopping at the basement bazaar
Meanwhile, lots of shopping was happening on all three floors of the store – upstairs there are smaller independent vintage dealers, and downstairs is a basement Bazaar where Deadly Nightshade member Cat did a bit of secret shopping. Shhhh.

Mina's page
The delightful ‘zine we got to take home helps us get to know the members of the style council a bit better – pretty rad to see such creativity and collaboration coming from young people outside of the fashion system.  Click the spreads for big. Cheers to the Style Council for a fun night and a job well done.  Keep it up.

Sasha's page

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