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mark fast

It was media day in Toronto for London-based designer Mark Fast, and I was lucky enough to attend and sketch some of his daring designs on live models, something I love to do.  Click the sketch for big.

I used watercolour pencils.  Thanks to Raymund Galsim for taking these photos.

I also got to meet the designer himself – and learned that he is inspired by process.  He produces each of his designs one at a time in his own studio, on a knitting machine, experimenting to discover new ways of producing surface designs – such as knitting in Swarovski pearls, or affixing leather pieces.  Adding and dropping stitches, which once stretched over a body produces patterns that are hidden on the hanger.

Mark has an affable sense of humour even after a long day of answering questions =)

That evening at the cocktail event, the gorgeous models Allison and Alex were still in sky-high shoes and skin-tight dresses, still looking great, total troopers.  Raymund took a picture of them with me and Anita.

While Fast insists that his dresses work on many body types, without a doubt the personality types that can squeeze this look off is very limited – that is women who love their bodies on display, whether they’re in the bloom of youth, work hard for their muscles, or are just innate superstars.  The rest of us are just lucky to look at them.

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  1. Danielle, your sketches are always amazing. During fashion week, even when there were clothes I did not like, you always made the collections look good through your illustrations. If I were a ‘serious’ designer I’d hire you to sketch my stuff instead of using models…

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