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2009 was a difficult year, despite some success professionally and some good times.  If you’ve followed Final Fashion for a while you’ll know that I love making and abiding by yearly resolutions, so at this time of year I’m thinking about what I’d like to do differently next time around.

As narcissistic as it sounds, 2009 was a bad year for me appearance-wise.  It started out great – a great haircut growing out, some flattering photos on facebook – and then it all went downhill in the springtime.  I got the first of a series of awkward haircuts.  The recession was in full swing and the sense of anxiety was affecting my business.  So I caved in to the promise of a free haircut at a hair school.  The results were… for lack of better word, very hair school.  Not that it was a poorly executed haircut – I was the teacher’s model.  Its just that it was so avant-garde it was verging on unwearable, and beyond my at-home styling skills to render wearable.  I likened it to “wearing a stiletto on my head”, in that it was high-maintenance and weirdly uncomfortable.  I am not a stiletto-wearing girl.

I was offered a second haircut from the same school and I went back, only to get an even stranger haircut and a hair colour.  The hair colour was pretty nice – a “believable blonde” was what they called it, but the haircut was just weird.  It was short on one side, had short bangs, and a “stair-step” bob on the other side.  It was like they left a bit on there just to be fancy, and again, it was verging on unwearable.

At the time I had just been cast as an extra in a major motion picture that shall for now remain unnamed on this blog.  (HINT: guess elsewhere or you’ll get me in trouble.)  I needed the cash.  So I had to keep the haircut for a while.  The film people liked it because it had a cool silhouette.  The extra experience is a lot like being in high school again (I’ll write more about this when the movie comes out).  The other thing that was a lot like being in high school was the zits.  The makeup people were committed to doing up all of the girls with makeup.  I don’t wear makeup usually and my face isn’t used to it – the results – the most awful bout of pimples took over my life.  I even wrote a post about it.

Once shooting was over, I got the haircut modified into something reasonably wearable but very, very short.  Over the next few months, the believable blonde grew out, the short haircut went through a series of awkward stages, and I struggled with my face, and generally felt unpretty.

Here’s the thing.  I’m 27 years old and I am not an unattractive person.  I had never felt unattractive before.  If I was looking at the plus side, I was gaining a lot of empathy for people who feel ugly.  Its a bad way to be.  But I was sure that I could get in control of this thing.  After all, I’m 27 years old and not unattractive.  These should be the hottest years of my life.

The hair would just take patience.  But the skin issues needed attention.  Not that I could help but pay attention – every reflective surface kept it at the front of my mind.  I washed my face – a lot.  Too much?  I washed my pillowcase every other day.  I tried to drink a lot of water.  I gave my face steam baths with tea tree oil.  I tried to sit in the sun more.  I tried not to touch my face.  And none of these things seemed to make a difference.

Eventually, thanks to this post by Gala Darling, I tried the Perfect Skin supplement by Genuine Health.  I was skeptical, but within a week of taking it I saw a difference.  I found a face wash and toner – Clean Start by Dermalogica – that seemed to do a good job too.  And a couple products by Clinique – the green concealer and the clay face mask – also seemed to go a long way to helping my face.  A couple months later, I am blemish free though my face still bears the fading vestiges of a long battle.  Keeping up with the supplement seems to work wonders for my skin and I hope that soon it will be as flawless as it ever was.

My hair right now is at that funny-looking stage between short and long.  It sort of looks like I have dog ears so I have to pin it back or wear a hairband for now.  I am done with haircuts.  My resolutions for next year – long, beautiful hair (my inspirations are the perfect hair of the girls on The City and Gossip Girl) and clear, beautiful skin. Because feeling pretty makes the rest of life’s trials seem that much easier to overcome. Here’s to being hot in 2010.

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15 thoughts on “just a thought – hot in 2010”

  1. I love reading your posts because your raw:) And its refreshing to read. My view is learn from 2009 & attack 2010 with a whole new approach (Oh!and avoid haircutting schools). When I hit the late 20’s I too went thru that “I hate my skin & hair etc. phase”, the 30’s so far have been my favourite. Hope to see you more in 2010:)

  2. Very much looking forward to hotness in 2010. There was already much hotness in 2009 (if I may say so myself), so I can’t imagine new levels! :3

    And I have a “hair thing”, too, that I’ll be writing about soon. We can compare notes.

  3. Do you get much exercise? I know it helps my skin, although it can have exactly the opposite effect on some people. Anyway, I went through a “too much” washing phase that made me break out, as well. Once I moved into a gentler regime, I started to see some results.

  4. Thanks for this honest post.

    It’s funny because people always think that what I do (writing about beauty) is superficial. And it IS — just like fashion, there are many examples of people getting carried away. But like you say here, even if you’re not overly concerned with your appearance, when it changes for the worse, your self-esteem can really take a dive.

    I love that your regimen has helped your skin. I think acne is really a matter of trial and error to find out what works… and in adults it’s deeply connected to internal health. The Greens+ is good stuff!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments all!

    Auntie, you’re going to be disappointed in me, but I am one of those non-exercising fashion people (though I am a non-smoker and a good-eater). I figure living in a walk-up building and owning no car makes up for that a little… but the fact remains, I hate breaking a sweat.

  6. I zap zits with a q-tip dipped in peroxide. A zit is just an infected pore, just clean you face with a cleanser and then spot treat.

    Good luck with growing your hair out I’ve been there before! But taking extra b vitamins or even taking maternity vitamins helps with hair growth. It worked for me back in the day


  7. thanks for your post! I’ve also been struggling with acne…it has gotten increasingly worse with the years. I had really just kinda given up and resigned myself to accept the seemingly permanent state of my skin…until I read your post and was inspired to figure out the root of the problem. I’m even going to try that Perfect Skin supplement since thats an avenue I haven’t gone down yet.

  8. bit late as you’ve already faced the battle but my boyfriend uses this special salt. It comes in giant rocks and you put it in a glass jar filled with water. You let it sit so that the water reaches saturation and then each day you drink a glass of fresh water with a small teaspoon of the salt water added. You can also get the salt ground and use it in cooking instead but it absorbs better straight into your empty tummy in water. I have had skin problems since I was about 22 and while it’s not perfect, I saw improvement within a few days. Now I do still get zits but the quality of my skin is really really nice and it will just be one or two zits which go away in a few days without leaving marks that last weeks or months like before. Soft and healthy. It’s really nice. If you’re interested I’ll ask him where he got it. It’s pink and comes as a giant crystal. It’s just full of minerals and it’s really neat to see the different shades of colour in the crystals. Oh and it lasts forever. It would take a couple years to use it all up.

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