paper doll contest winners

I challenged photoshoppers with game to have a little fun with my paper dolls for a chance to win a book.  Here’s what they came up with:

Congratulations to Elisa!  I loved the outfit which is chic, and how you mixed up three different designers, and how you credited the designers using a background. Thank you for entering, you win a book.

Jessica created this look inspired by her intern, Kate.  I love how it looks like Kate and mixes up three different designers, including Jessica herself – ! Thank you for entering Jessica, you win a PDF.

Sumidha J made a talking dolly, who is a dedicated follower of fashion, and incorporated a background and complimentary outfit. Funny and cute. Thank you for entering Sumidha, you win a PDF.

Andrea mashed up a number of pieces from different designers and customized them into her own outfit, which is above and beyond!  She mixed it up by chopping the bottom off of a Jessica Biffi onesie, and a t-shirt cut from a full length gown by Brandon Dwyer, dyed blue. Thank you for entering Andrea, you win a PDF.

Monica also had fun mixing it up even more.  I laughed out loud.  Thank you for entering Monica, you win a PDF.

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