paper doll – Jessica Biffi SS10

Jessica Biffi SS10

Jessica Biffi‘s paper doll is the last paper doll I am doing this season – and she’s a cute one!  This collection came off as very true to Jessica’s personality – she loves dance music and bright colours. The look would be perfect for a personality like Lena Love or a singer like Ivana Santilli. Beyond costuming pop stars and club queens what is missing the sense of timing that defines fashion.  Bra-less breasts are all over the place – spilling over the top of scanty bodices, from the side of narrow halters, and even through (!) the front of jackets.  The spray-painted showpiece somehow looks both hurried and overdone, recalling the first attempt at the Post-It challenge on PRC2.  I’m glad that Jessica is not compromising when it comes to imagination.  More experience would make a world of difference when it comes to making a more polished, confident presentation.

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