Paper Doll book (& photoshop contest!)

paper doll collection

15 designers, 17 paper dolls, over 60 items of clothing and accessories to play with.  This is the result of a rather involved project I gave to myself to commemorate the Spring 2010 collections shown in Toronto this October.

The resulting dolls are available in a book from Blurb for $42.95 USD. It was supposed to be available for Christmas but… it’s not unless you’re willing to pay for premium shipping.  So buy it for yourself!  If you can’t afford it, I’ve put together a mini-PDF booklet you can download for free, print off yourself and play with.  Full-size PDF files are also available for just $17.95.

You can buy a book. Or, you can win a book.  How?  Using the JPGs available here, I want you to dress a doll; use Photoshop or another program to help you do it.  The challenge is to use a model from one designer and clothing and accessories from at least two other designers.  The best mashed-up outfit wins a book.

paper doll mashup example
Something like this: Brandon R Dwyer’s model with Jessica Jensen’s clutch and VAWK’s dress. I am sure you can do even better than that.

But that’s not all; I’d like to see you have some fun with it.  So I’ll also give away a few full-size PDFs to entries I think are particularly funny, or wicked, or clever.  Bonus points for photoshopping in some backgrounds and speech bubbles.  Go for it.  To qualify, post your entry on your blog or facebook profile with a link to this post – entries are due December 21st.

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18 thoughts on “Paper Doll book (& photoshop contest!)”

  1. Danielle-The paper dolls are great! they remind me of a Princess Diana paper doll cut out book that I loved as a child!

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Kimberley – I think I may but having learned a few lessons this time around, the second time around will be different. Also, I think next time I won’t limit myself to Toronto collections 😉

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