pretty package for Evey’s gift

pretty package

My family is not big on gifts or gift wrap, so I was quite pleased with myself when I had this modest packaging accomplishment for a gift of girly accessories for my niece – barrettes and fun purple plastic jewelry, Ickle Baby Baff Bombs from Lush, and a marabou boa from Fashion Crimes.

The illustration is in marker – and the wrapping paper is repurposed from the tissue the marabou came wrapped in. It just has a picture of Evey on it because she’s not yet two and can’t read, and the word “pretty” in purple because those are words she likes to say. Its fun to say – pretty in purple.

By the way, Fashion Crimes is a sponsor of the site, and they’ve got a pre-Christmas sale on for everyone – 25% off. Perfect for girlies.

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2 thoughts on “pretty package for Evey’s gift”

  1. Cute wrapping job.

    My family is also not into gift wrapping. Every year, my husband and I have to think of more creative ways to ‘not’ wrap our presents. One year we wrapped every present with newspaper and ribbon but not one piece of tape – v challenging (def a two person job).

  2. So, so adorable Danielle. You’re going to have one very happy girl on your hands – she will love it!

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