preview – Hudson’s Bay blanket coats

It was neat to be included among the press to preview a new project at the Hudson’s Bay Company.  A number of celebrated Canadian designers had the opportunity re-envision that most Canadian of garments, the iconic Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket coat.  I want – I got has all the details and photos.

Smythe blanket coat
I particularly liked Smythe‘s version, a cropped, swingy jacket with a hood.

maple sugar snow at HBC
The catering for this media preview was truly outstanding – perfect little morsels of Canadiana, minus (thankfully) poutine.  The greatest highlight was a candlelit bar where they served sugar snow candy, a treat that was a first for me.
canoe at HBC
I couldn’t stick around very long but I enjoyed the opportunity to preview this collection very much. Thank you HBC.

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11 thoughts on “preview – Hudson’s Bay blanket coats”

  1. Saw some of the jackets in Flare (I think), I love the nostalgia of the old Bay blankets… I NEED to find a vintage Bay blanket coat while thrifting…
    Oh ya! And don’t hate on poutine:)

  2. Trust me, Jentine, I am not hating on poutine, and I admit to having it every so often. But lately it has been so trendy and everywhere. I like how the Bay went with some less-ubiquitous Canadian treats like aged cheddar grill cheese, smoked meat sandwiches, bison meat pies.

  3. I was so happy when my husband found and purchased one of these beautiful HBC blankt coats by Smythe. I too fell in love with it the minute my eyes laid eyes on it. I received it by post yesterday – it truly is a work of a gifted artist design. I am thankful to have one.

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