tearsheets – Harper’s Bazaar October 1994

Harper's Bazaar Cover 10.93
Big surprise – I am not a magazine buyer, but I am a magazine-acquirer.  Particular joy is found in old magazines of all kinds, so I thought I would share favourite scans occasionally.  First up: Harper’s Bazaar October 1994.

Editor-in-Chief – Elizabeth Tilberis.  On the cover: Claudia Schiffer in Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel.

Moments at Versace 10.93
Linda Evangelista parties with Versace, sends photos.

Night at Versace 2 10.93

Gianni Versace 1  10.93
Cindy Crawford does fierce for Gianni Versace in a gold leather minidress with matching over-the-knee boots AND a matching mini-knapsack.  No one does lux-trashy as opulently as Gianni.

Gianni Versace ad 10.93
Rocks the infamous gold chainmail.

CK 10.93
Beautiful Kate Moss captivates for CK.  Black and white photography and stark backdrops seem to be the the modern thing to do in 1994. This issue also contains THE CK One ad… you know the one.

Nadja 10.93
With models like these, who needs colour. Nadya Auermann destroys me with beauty in “An Ode to the Female Form”.

Sarah Jessica Parker 10.93
Click image for big.  Sarah Jessica Parker is interviewed before SATC.

Sarah Jessica Parker2 10.9
Click image for big.

“I’m basically a homosexual man.” …she revealed that one of her great ambitions, along with being a wife and mother, is to be a gay icon and take her place along the other great glam queens–Barbra, Bette and Madonna.

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5 thoughts on “tearsheets – Harper’s Bazaar October 1994”

  1. You have inspired me. The next time I go to a thrift store or see a box of old magazines at the curb I’m going to look for old issues of fashion magazines.

  2. Im WAY late to this post, but I randomly just came across your site. These are wonderful posts. I had every Bazaar magazine throughout the 90’s (I was a bit fashion obsessed, to say the least, in my teen years!) and seem to have lost every single one of them. I remember this issue well and love how Harper’s used to put the names of the models – in that same font – on the corner of every issue.

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