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Fifteen third year students at the Ryerson School of Fashion have been hard at work on their leather jacket entries for the Danier Design Challenge, and now we get to have a peek.

The youtube video format for viewing the entries can be annoying, but not without some humourous moments (Judy goes out on the town at 0:59!) and a bit of insight into what kind of music fashion kids like.

Chelsea McLean

Chelsea McLean takes me on a trip down memory lane – that is the old fashion lab and the halls of Rye High. I can’t help but be charmed by her sincere enthusiasm for her jacket.

I was disappointed that some of the jackets from the second phase didn’t make it into the third – especially Valerie Crisp’s subtler effort – however some of the more unconvincing muslin presentations surprised me in the final execution, especially Pamela Card‘s very assured looking jacket.

Pamela Card jacket

Pamela also showed her illustration which I quite liked.  It looks like it has a water-stain on it which in a way, works as a compositional element.  I wonder if that was deliberate.  I might try that out on my own.

Pamela Card illustration

The jacket I was most anticipating was John Hillifer‘s. It turned out very well from what I can see… which is not much given a self-conscious “dark industrial” video production and a fussy shirt that competes with the collar.  Just show me the jacket, Hillifer!

John Hillifer jacket

I wish that there was a gallery of well-lit colour photographs of all the entries, but it is interesting to check through the videos if you have a little time.  You can vote for your favourites here.

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5 thoughts on “vote – Danier Design Challenge finalists”

  1. Adding a thought: One other thing that Pamela did very well was showing her jacket very well in the video, on the body. That helps a lot when presenting an entry.

  2. I just love the last leather jacket – frrankly the fussy collar doesn’t bother me a bit. The jacket has a hint of the original bomber jackets that were designed for bomber pilots during the war – but there’s a certain femininity that oozes from it. The black on black color scheme also works for me. So sorry I was too late to vote on your entries. I also like Pamela’s creation, which is clearly completely different. I think that both of these deserve a place at the top.

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