competition – trash fusion

Trash Fusion is a competition open to all creative contenders in Ontario – the challenge is to submit an illustration and description of an idea of a dress made from recycled materials or reclaimed trash by March 18th 2010.  Finalists will then be chosen to create their designs physically.  The trash outfits will be displayed in three fashion shows around Ontario, and three winners will be chosen for a cash prize among other benefits.

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4 thoughts on “competition – trash fusion”

  1. i was just wondering how many finalist will be chosen and the average of how many people are expected to enter the competition, to figure out my chances at making it through to the actual creation stage. thanks

  2. Hi Naomi – if you have a great entry it shouldn’t matter how many entries there are – but if it makes you feel any better, I’ve found that many competitions don’t get as many entries as you’d think. Go for it!

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