fashion illustrated – painting for Heartbeats

Alison Lawler-Dean (of the adorable blog Gifted) asked me to contribute a work of art for a fundraiser called Heartbeats for Africa, in support of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. The loose themes are the colour red, and hearts, and I was inspired by the heart shaped red pincushions that are so common to create this piece called “threading”, featuring genuine pins, needles and thread.

The event is on February 13th, and there will be cocktails and lots of lovely art to be auctioned off for a terrific cause.  If you are in Toronto, you should go!  Buy tickets here.

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5 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – painting for Heartbeats”

  1. What a beautiful illustration! So appropriate for the cause. I know it will be a success at the fundraiser and will bring in a lot of $$$. 🙂



  2. Thank you ladies so much for the lovely comments! Painting takes me a long time and this one is a bit of an experiment for me – so your words made my day =D

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