fashion illustrated – Trash Fusion entry

After posting about the Trash Fusion contest yesterday, I got to pondering what I would do if I entered, and I did come up with an idea, albeit an idea which is somewhat simple and labour-intensive to execute – a swingy, tent silhouette paillette dress, where the paillettes are hand-cut from plastic containers.  It might be knitted together so it will swing around in a dynamic way when the model walks.

What would you do if the assignment was to create a dress from recycled materials?  If you have a great idea, and you happen to live in Ontario, you should submit your idea to Trash Fusion.

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8 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – Trash Fusion entry”

  1. I don’t knit (well, I knit a scarf once), I’d have to learn in order to execute this dress – which will only happen if I’m a finalist. =/

  2. In school we had a recycled project, and I decided to take old milk cartons and cut them into amoeba-like shapes and sew them to basically a circle skirt worn as a strapless dress. No matter how many times I washed those milk jugs, they stunk… sorry, model!

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