fashion school flashback – second year eveningwear

After showing my rather unimpressive first year fashion school project as a way of showing my inauspicious beginnings, it occurred to me that I have never posted my second year eveningwear project, circa 2004, on the internet before.  Once again, if you’re landing on this site for the first time I want to assure you I went on to create much greater things.

My concept was pretty classic for a fashion student – a cinchy corset and a big poofy skirt, with inspiration from nature and flowers and a fairy-ish illustration to go with it.  The illustration has some awkwardness with the proportions – though in a way, the lack of finesse in the line quality and colouring is something that I wish I could recapture in my current style.

I’m pretty proud of these technicals – they’re very detailed even if they didn’t accurately reflect the final dress.

This is the final dress – and I take full responsibility for the lackluster styling and modelling (um, yeah, that’s me).  The dress is in need of a great big crinoline (which I did a much better job with in the Snow Queen project).  The part that did work out as planned was the corset – which featured an elasticized system which allowed it to fit on different sizes of model – a tactic I used because we weren’t allowed to fit our models for the year-end fashion show.

Fellow fashion school alumni – do you recall your first over-the-top eveningwear project?  What was it like?

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5 thoughts on “fashion school flashback – second year eveningwear”

  1. Oh my gosh, mine was an over the top quasi period piece. It doesn’t reflect my current aesthetic at all and the construction was a nightmare 🙂

  2. Mine was so bad. I asked my mom the other day how she ever let me blab on excitedly about it and never stopped to tell me it was a hot mess. The pictures did turn out cool though, especially in comparison to the dress. Oh…evening wear design.

  3. Luckily there are no pictures in existence but mine involved thick silver fabric (think that polyster stateen that comes out at Hallowe’en) and royal blue mesh. Only. I basically made a silver tube top and a silver mini skirt and the rest was the mesh.

  4. I love the technical. I should get something so detailed for everything I work on, sigh. How about a layer of net/organza under each skirt panel that would give it the pouf and create visible layers vs just a crinoline underneath and you’d need something stiff to get that whole stand up thing coming out of the top so you’d really need to be working with something like organza throughout

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