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Hello, friends.  I am back out of the woods, for now.

If you’ve been following Final Fashion for more than a year, you know that I love the beginning of a new year.  I love making changes, making plans, and making goals.  Usually I make some personal resolutions (this year is all about skin and hair, among some more daunting ambitions), some business goals, and most importantly for you, some plans for the blog.  Last year was about posting a minimum of five times a week, a standard that I met and often exceeded.  Once the rhythm was set I found it an easy habit to have.

Once I did have that momentum going, and action was happening on the blog, I was able to start a unique sponsorship program.  I am incredibly grateful for the enthusiasm of my readers and sponsors – you all inspire me to keep Final Fashion going, and to make sure it is the best it can be.

As with keeping any commitment, I learned a lot.  And some of what I discovered is inspiring some changes in direction for Final Fashion in 2010.  In no particular order, here they are.

  1. A more international focus. I love featuring the work of people that I know personally, and so Final Fashion has naturally become very Toronto-centric.  However, in 2010 I will be in the process of setting up a drastic life transition that will eventually take me out of Toronto.  Part of that preparation will happen on the blog – I’ll be reaching out more to foster internet connections with interesting people all over the world.  Also, I will no longer be posting local events – unless my sponsors or I am directly involved, or if they have relevance to people outside of Toronto.
  2. More projects, less posting. Some of the most popular posts of 2009 were about projects – especially major ones.  This makes me very happy because I would love to do more projects, especially ones involving collaboration, new techniques, and even clothing design.  To balance a commitment to more studio work, I’m going to go easier on myself when it comes to posting frequently, and focus more on posting about the creative process, and of course exciting reveals of finished projects.
  3. A monthly podcast. One of my favourite parts of blogging is the ability to have conversations, and I’d like to raise that bar even higher by having a monthly conversational podcast, featuring some of the smartest thinking people I know talking about fashion news and issues, project collaboration, as well as some more esoteric subjects.
  4. Customized sponsorship opportunities. The transition from local to international will definitely affect the type of sponsorship that will fit on Final Fashion and I am up for the challenge.  In addition to the ability to connect sponsors with local influencers (for instance, with sponsored events), I am ready to come up with more ways to help sponsors make connections all over the world.  Want to do giveaways? Want to become the title sponsor for the podcast? Want to have a livelier online presence?  I would love to talk to you about your goals.
  5. More audacity. Over the course of five years (!) of blogging, I’ve changed my mind many times about the level of transparency that is appropriate on Final Fashion.  Where do I draw the line when it comes to sharing my opinions, my hopes and fears?  Do I hide my weaknesses and failures? Do I have to avoid controversy? How can I be professional but still keep the humanity that makes a personal blog interesting?  The ability to navigate the nuances of so-called pro blogging has come with experiences, both positive successes and heartbreaking mistakes.  The way I feel about it now: the best blogging – as with writing and any type of art – is real.  I will not compromise expressing myself no matter what the medium, and I will strive to be as authentic as my ability to communicate will allow me.  Thanks to everyone who has rewarded me for pushing through the fear and being willing to take the risk of being real. I learned that I have nothing to lose and so much to gain by just being myself.

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions for the site – either by commenting or you can use the anonymous survey form.  I would also love to know what you have in mind for yourself in 2010.  What did you learn last year, and how have your experiences inspired you to make changes this year?

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13 thoughts on “just a thought – an audacious new year”

  1. For purely selfish reasons, I can’t wait to see how the international aspect of your blog develops. Oh, and I’m looking forward to seeing the process behind some more projects, too.

    Happy 2010, hope it’s a fabulous year for you!

    P.S. I totally respect you wanting to be real and authentic, in all mediums.

  2. I love seeing how your goals come into fruition, and have really enjoyed your committment to posting over this past year. I am definitely looking forward to your podcasting and projects!

    In 2010, I’ll be graduating, so I have some important goals this year. I think I’m going to write a post about them soon. I also am trying to renew my blogging spirit, though its been difficult these past few months because of school and work….aye. but I decided to refocus my blog and am starting anew this year. Its so important to have that momentum building…and I just did not built it with fashion 2.0..but this year, I am making measurable and achievable goals for myself. your new year posts always inspire me.

    Here’s to 2010! good luck!

  3. Danielle,

    Happy New Year! I can’t wait to see and hear what you have planned for Final Fashion in 2010. One things is sure, is that you’ll have tons of success.

  4. welcome back Danielle 🙂

    Happy New Year, hope it brings you all you wished for!

    as for the more projects point – I still think it’s not too lake to make the brooch 😉
    and as for the giveaways – you can always count on us for products 🙂

  5. The photo is beautiful. Took my breath away for a second. Thanks. Very intrigued about the international focus… many Toronto designers are collaborating overseas actively, so it could be a bit of both? will wait to hear more. Best wishes in all your adventures!

  6. I think your resolution to be more real is very inspiring. I work in a profession where the ideals of professionalism are v strict. And after a while that mentality becomes ingrained in you. And when I first started my blog, I felt hesitant and sort of ‘exposed’. It’s fantastic that you’ve pushed through the fear. And are aspiring to become even more self revealing. Props.

    I’m from Toronto, so I really like your Toronto-centric posts, and I will miss them. But changing and growing is a part of life, and I am excited to see how the blog progresses. Good luck!

  7. Thanks everyone for the kind and encouraging comments!

    I certainly won’t be ignoring Toronto, there’s so much stuff going on here that is every bit as fascinating as what happens elsewhere. Just trying to be more inclusive of other locations and less exclusively local.

    Shop T.O. live – its really been quite the process towards developing a confident voice, and its important to me to aspire towards being candid and personal, which I find to be more difficult than it might seem. I have discovered that when I acknowledge my own struggles, its easier to connect with readers in a genuine way. It seems like it helps them appreciate that there’s a human behind the URL.

    Nadia – thanks for the reminder! Will be in touch with you again to follow up =)

    Annching – Love your new site, and I’m super excited to see your collection develop! The angle – cute winter gear for cyclists, is so clever.

  8. I’ve been following along for nearly a year now and I must say that I’m much looking forward to your last change. It will be fantastic to get to know a bit more about you personally now that I’m familiar with your professional side. You’ll always hold a very special place in my blog-heart!

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