press – Canada’s Next Top Paper Dolls

Metro 07-01-10

How thrilling to see my work featured – with big glorious pictures – in today’s Metro newspaper. Click for big. My little doll is even on the cover (!) – and Janine Falcon wrote such a lovely article about the Paper Dolls book.

(Edit: Janine let me know that this story went national.  Hello Canada!)

If you’ve come here looking for a book, it is available to purchase from  You can also buy a PDF version for $17.95 if you prefer to print it yourself, email me for details.  If you’re broke and you’d still like a few dolls to play with, there’s also a free mini-book download.  Thanks for checking it out, and enjoy!

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21 thoughts on “press – Canada’s Next Top Paper Dolls”

  1. oh my! that is fantastic! congratulations, Danielle 🙂
    Happy New Year and hope many more good things will come your way, I really admire your hard work and gift for illustration 🙂

  2. Three cheers for Danielle! I purchased one of these books for a friend who was thrilled to have it! Glad to see they are still available! Everyone involved in fashion should have one!

  3. Amazing! Happy to see you’re getting this fabulous recognition. Your drawings are beautiful – I’m always excited to see what comes next!

  4. Way to go! your illustration style is so perfect for paper dolls- they are amazing! You are amazing! I can’t wait to see the next installment and continued success from the first!

  5. Oh my god, Danielle! I totally glanced at that article today and didn’t realize what I was looking at. Congratulations! That’s so amazing. (I’m going to read it again.) You deserve a million Canadians purchasing your book!

  6. Congrats! I remember seeing your paper dolls on your blog a while ago, and seeing it on the metro made me feel really excited for you!

  7. Hi!

    i just received you book and it is really nice 🙂
    great paper quality and the drawings look ever better on paper 🙂

    thanks again for your contest!

    and by the way, congratulations 🙂

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