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While I often scoff at astrology, it is because almost all astrology seems to either get it all wrong or merely offer vague advice which could apply to anyone no matter when they were born.  Despite that, I picked up Greg Polkosnik’s book Cosmically Chic: Discovering Your Fashion Style Through Astrology a few months ago, because he is a friend of the inimitable Auntie Fashion, who has an astute ability to pick remarkable friends. It appears to be no longer in print, though copies are still available on Amazon, and that is why this category is called the Late Review.

Astrology is one of the few genres where the author can get away with second person singular, which I am not used to reading pages and pages of – it can be a bit unnerving to be addressed so directly by a book.  I focused on the Libra chapter, because that is the one which is supposed to be talking to me.

To my surprise, Polkosnik nails me in the first paragraph:

… your taste for the finer things in life is somewhat extrinsic: You truly appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, yet you often neglect to consider the role you play in your environment. … You might be the most tasteful girl in the zodiac, Libra, but what good is good taste when you’re too lazy to exercise it?

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you already know.  I love everything about fashion as long as it has nothing to do with shopping for clothes or dressing up for fun.

Polkosnik goes on to offer a prescription for the Libran in need of style advice.  Some of the more specific advice I am less likely to take, such as:

The one garment every Libra woman should put to use in her wardrobe is the bodysuit.

And some advice has inspired me to seek out things I have not considered before but can easily picture myself loving:

… buy yourself a classic beige trench coat.  Choose a style that is lean, and avoid large shoulder pads. A beautiful trench coat is a quintessential Libra garment.

The rest of the chapter offers recommendations for designers to seek out (Donna Karan) or avoid, makeup tips, shopping tips, suggestions for working wardrobes and special occasions, and also spotlights a few notable fashionable Librans.  Over all it is fun, and the lightness balances occasional lapses into preachy fashion dictation. Like the best of astrology, the spirit of it is genuinely helpful.  If a skeptic like me can enjoy it, I am sure devoted checkers of horoscopes will really love getting into it.

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6 thoughts on “the late review – Cosmically Chic”

  1. p.s. I just ordered it from ebay. I could use someone telling me what to do. Maybe we should start a book club and get drunk and talk about it.

  2. Adrienne, you, Polkosnik and the current zeitgeist have to understand that I only do what I am told to do when I want to. And I don’t want to wear a bodysuit, they’re inconvenient and pointless unless you’re pantsless. And no, zeitgeist, I won’t do pantless either.

    Has motherhood pushed you off the wagon? Hurrah. Lets drunk talk, book or no.

  3. The book sounds very entertaining. I am also a Libra but funnily enough, I enjoy all things re: fashion, but mostly, it as a venue of self expression – basically meaning shopping and dressing up!

    But I am just on the cusp of Virgo …that might explain so much! (I did try my first bodysuit this year though – kind of loved it)

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