what I wear – trying on shoulders

Once you’ve seen a fashion cycle go full circle, you feel old.  As a teenager, things I wear now – tapered jeans, high waists – were beyond uncool.  Shoulderpads are like that too, though the scorn of my youth for shoulder-centric styles has taken a bit longer to overcome.  Lately two thrift finds have encouraged me to bite the fashion bullet and chew on some shoulderpads.
Jeremy Scott 1
This Jeremy Scott angora sweater must have been seeded in the racks at Value Village for the sole purpose of turning me on to shoulders.  It fits perfectly, is lovely, soft and warm, and though there is major shoulder emphasis happening, there are no shoulder pads.

Jeremy Scott 2
By the way, check out my new filing cabinet. The excitement I feel for this cabinet is kind of ridiculous, but just having it makes me feel so legit. I get silly little thrills every time I have to file something.

Wool Check 1
This second find is a cropped-sleeve, boxy cut blazer with some serious shoulder pads.  I was skeptical on the hanger but the quality of the wool and the smallness of it encouraged me to try it on – and though I have never owned anything like it before, it just seemed to work perfectly.

Wool Check 2
The fact that it has major pockets just sealed the deal.

Fashion friends, have you succumbed to the return of shoulders?  Are there any other trends you’ve tried that your younger self would find shocking?

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20 thoughts on “what I wear – trying on shoulders”

  1. I was pre teen the first time the shoulder pad came around – my mother wore them 3inches high! I thought they were horrible at the time, and was happy when it all ended. So, when they made a revival, I was v resistant. I eventually gave in to a simple shoulder padded dress (with a modest 1/2 inch) ….but I guess, now the ball’s rolling.

  2. Love the black sweater on you! I think the slim arms keep it graceful.

    My teenage self couldn’t stand 80s stuff and my 27-year-old self agrees; I still don’t think it would look good on me. For fun, I should try some of it on — you never know what could look good until you try, right?

  3. I probably have broad enough shoulders I don’t need any padding! 😉

    I didn’t do the shiny leggings in the disco era … but I am thinking I may yet try the look in denim.

  4. I’ve seen strong shoulders look good on others (when not overdone), but I haven’t tried it myself. I don’t think I’ve actually tried anything I found totally repulsive when I was younger! Of course, I’m only 21, so there’s plenty of time still yet.

    By the way, that black sweater looks absolutely gorgeous on you! & the plaid blazer is rather dapper as well.

  5. I’ve now moved beyond wearing things that my younger self would find shocking to things I’m shocked to realize I’ve already worn. Last week I wore a golden yellow skirt with black tights and a fitted black top. I went on a date in this exact outfit Grade 11.

  6. Today’s lesson seems to be “never say never”; today’s shopping trip yielded two leather skirts — something I would have considered “too 80s” before.

    But who doesn’t love a emerald-green, seven-tiered, suede pencil skirt?

  7. I can’t pull of shoulder pads, I think I just have a weird frame for it. You totally rock it though, I don’t think I’ve seen it look so chic!

  8. Great finds – especially the sweater! I’ve been experimenting with strong shoulders too, but so far success has been limited to blazers. I’ve attempted shoulder padded sweaters and dresses, but I feel ridiculous in them. I think it’s because I already have football player shoulders that really shouldn’t be emphasized any further. You luckily don’t have that problem – the sweater and blazer both look great on you!

  9. Thanks everyone for the nice comments!

    Nadia, you always make me smile – would love to see some pics of your leather skirts. Here’s to open-minded, audacious style decisions =) Never say never indeed.

    Backseat Stylers and Wendy – your comments make me think of Joan Crawford, who famously featured her already-broad shoulders with big shouldered dresses and suits in the 1930s. Sometimes emphasizing, rather than downplaying stronger features ends up looking very compelling – maybe stand-out shoulders are worth padding?

    Jenn – I feel like the next logical progression of age will entail rediscovering my abandoned wardrobe of wide-legged pants and bell bottoms, platform shoes. Ugh, lets save the 90s flashbacks for the 2020s.

    Shop T.O. Live – your mom sounds amazing – would love to see some pics! Maybe send them to http://myparentswereawesome.tumblr.com/. 😉

  10. my first comment did not show again, so lets try again…

    First, both of those are total scores and look very stylish on you!!

    Second…I know what you mean about past fashions and trends…for me its the harem pants or shall we call them M.C.Hammer pants, haha….I used to think they are totally atrocious and hideous in my youth, but now I cant stop thinking about them and probably will take the plunge this summer and make some for myself. They seem to be super comfy and strangely stylish!

  11. Ooohhh I like the first comment double 1 1/2″ shoulder pads, go for it. Ah yes I remember it well. Relax about the shldr pads they’ll sneak up on you. As for high waisted pants I love them they make me look like I have legs. When you get old old like moi you finally figure out what suits what doesn’t re colour and cut and try to work inside your own personal parameter.

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