fashion illustrated – Alexander McQueen tribute

Last week, Alexander McQueen died. Like many who love fashion, he was one of my favourite designers.  In fashion school, you would be hard-pressed to find a student who didn’t adore McQueen, idolize him, want to be him.  It was his subversive streak, the dramatic staging, the reverence for history, the attention to craft, over all a perfect blend of rigour and rebellion, that we all loved.

This is the fourth attempt at a tribute illustration to McQueen.  It is daunting to try and create a small offering of respect with my own modest talents.  I chose a favourite dress from his Fall 2003 collection – this was the first year that I was following the new collections closely, and of all of McQueen’s work, there is a sense of discovery that goes with this collection, for me.

Thank you Alexander McQueen, for inspiring so many of us to pursue fashion on our own terms. Rest in peace.

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6 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – Alexander McQueen tribute”

  1. It was a tragic day, one of those days that I will remember for a long time – remember what I was doing when I heard the news.

    But amidst that tragedy, I’ve seen an amazing transformation in the hearts of our peers. We are not ashamed to show that we care and feel deeply for the loss.

    Sometime we forget and start to think the fashion industry to be superficial. I like to think it is not.

    Its nice to show our heart sometimes.

    RIP. Lee McQueen.


  2. It’s a beautiful illustration Danielle, and clearly heartfelt. Thank you. He’ll be sorely missed especially in these times of great confusion in our industry when he reminded us of what we love about fashion.

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