click click – 18-03-10


Welcome to Click Click, the fairly regular roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet. Just happens to be a very Toronto-centric one today.

Echoing the shoutouts out there for tremendous incoming linkers and commenters, thanks all –

  • miss.stephanie“I am studying Public Relations in Canada.”
  • Apples and Porsches“its like comparing…”
  • Style Blog“fashion fades, style is eternal”
  • I Heart Great Design“Oh shiny! An even more random collection of things that have caught my eye.”
  • Just Dolls“by Claudia”
  • A Paper Doll Blog“Paper dolls and outfits inspired by creativity and posted on Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.”
  • Kiwi Speaks“I’m a budding super-stylist, writer and fashion nerd.”
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4 thoughts on “click click – 18-03-10”

  1. i am dying for that scissor cuff bracelet…where can i buy it at?? please email me and let me know asap

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