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It feels like Final Fashion has reached the next level – after some requests from readers and new visitors, it finally feels like time to write an FAQ.  I always love getting questions and do try to answer them all to the best of my ability, so please feel free to send them!  The only difference is that in the future if they are asked more than once, I’m just going to send you a link to this page.

How can I become a fashion illustrator?

This is in the queue for a future post – however the short answer is as follows. Draw a lot of fashion figures and a lot of clothes.  Have a website, even just a simple one, with examples of your best work. Make business cards with “fashion illustrator” and your website address on them. Go meet people, hand out your cards, draw, meet your deadlines, repeat.

Can I hire you for a fashion illustration project?  What are your rates?

Thanks for considering my work! Email me at with as many details as you can, the most important information being what you want illustrated, how the illustration will be used, when you need it by, and your contact information.  Once I have a sense of the scope of the project, I can create an estimate.

My business is interested in advertising or sponsorship on Final Fashion. What are your rates?

Thanks for your inquiry! I have a sponsorship program in place on Final Fashion for businesses I feel would be a good fit for the site.  If you’re interested, please email me a link to your website and a request for the current Sponsorship Deck.  Please be aware that I do not do paid posts, banner ads, or text links.

Can I send you a product for review?

That is very kind of you, thanks!  You may email me to request my mailing address, along with some details of who you are and what the product is.  I do appreciate all offers, however I prefer to be asked first so you don’t waste time and money sending me an inappropriate product.  Please be aware that I do not guarantee reviews, and usually only post reviews when I find the product to be useful, lovely, or interesting.  Also, I very much prefer to receive press kits by email rather than by post.

I am new to fashion blogging, do you have any advice?

Independent Fashion Bloggers is a terrific resource for aspiring and novice fashion bloggers.  The best advice I can give in brief is as follows.  Get a great URL (the test of a great URL is if you can say it easily over the phone), choose a platform (I use WordPress), tweak the design until you have a look you can live with, and commit to posting regularly and reliably. Be patient – it took me years to develop confidence in my own voice and gather a respectable following.  Learning to blog well is mostly about persistence and practice. As with most ambitions, the critical thing is not to give up.

How do I get into fashion school?  Which fashion school should I go to?

Fashion schools have a variety of application processes, however in general I believe what they are looking for in applicants is raw talent and a willingness to work and learn.  Having a portfolio that demonstrates curiousity and effort is more important than having a very slick, “perfect” presentation. I have written on the subject of how to choose a school here, and if you’re lucky enough to get into fashion school, I have also written a post about how to make the most of it.

How do I attend a fashion week?

I have listed all your options here.

Can I apply for an internship at your organization? Can I submit an article to Final Fashion?

Final Fashion is a one-person operation and I cannot provide work experience opportunities, sorry.

Where did you get your glasses?

I got them at Hakim Optical at Queen and Bay in Toronto in 2002.  The brand is Gucci.

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