paper doll – Preloved Fall 2010

I have to rush, because its fashion week and I’m going to be late, but I really wanted to post this doll I made of Preloved‘s Fall 2010 collection that I saw on Monday.  The collection was so much of what Preloved does so well – cozy cut and sew knits, deconstructed men’s clothing, etcetera – and I was particularly inspired with the simple styling of the models, without fussy hair and makeup they just looked so cute.  I love a paper doll in glasses.

As my gift to you, you can download the Preloved Paper doll as a PDF to print yourself. Have fun!

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5 thoughts on “paper doll – Preloved Fall 2010”

  1. This doll is so great! Love it! I have to say I’m sad because I as yet have been unable to find any pics of this collection.. Fashion Magazine only posted beauty shots, not the actual show..

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