click click – 17-04-09

Welcome to click click, the sporadic roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Toronto-centric stuff!

Karma links for internet friends of Final Fashion –

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7 thoughts on “click click – 17-04-09”

  1. I love that article about Gawker. I think I’ve read it like 12 times, no joke.

    If you could do the cover for any existing non-fashion book (for Penguin, of course), what would it be?

  2. Great links as usual, it made for some good Sunday morning reading. And that Fifth Estate video…..oh my!

  3. Thanks for the link!

    Regarding the man whose name shall not be spelled… wow! I had never understood the man, his business, nor his decolletage, but this is far worse than what I’ve initially imagined. People seriously need to know about this.

  4. thanks Danielle, great post as always.

    I tried to comment on iLa Manga but alas, you have to have one of those logins, none of which I have. And, there’s no way to contact her. I was going to include the coffin clothes link.

  5. Hi Kathleen, sorry about the comment login, I’m still experimenting with different settings on Blogger. I’ve opened it up now, so it shouldn’t bug you with logins anymore.

    I’ve been reading you blog for quite a few years, so I’m familiar with your coinage “coffin clothes” 😉
    I’m reminded of that term whenever I see dresses with cool back design and those Balenicaga dresses definitely go way beyond than just being non-coffin clothes.

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