speaking to the past – my penguin mashup

Inspired by Douglas Coupland’s Penguin cover missives to the year 1935, and commenter Alexandra’s encouragement to make my own. I think it would have been a bestseller 75 years ago, eh?

By the way, I am usually classified as a Miranda (according to the internet quizzes, anyways), though I would much rather be a Carrie if I get to choose.  I would rather think I have Carrie’s impulsive creativity tempered by Miranda’s dour pragmatism. I often wonder, do we get to choose? What is it about categorizing women by these four archetypes that fascinates us so much?

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7 thoughts on “speaking to the past – my penguin mashup”

  1. I think everyone would like to be Carrie…I did until someone pointed out that she directs everything back to herself. I find the show and the movie a good waste of time but it has always bugged me that in the movie, when Carrie’s wedding doesn’t happen, everyone joins her in her mourning but when Steve cheats on Miranda, no one babied her like they did poor Carrie…just a thought…

  2. Hmmm. I always thought Carrie represented the combination of the three other woman’s very extreme and distinct personalities, and that’s why every one wants to be a ‘Carrie’ but can still identify with the other characters.

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