click click – 14-05-10

Welcome to click click, the sporadic roundup of what I find worth clicking on the internet.

Deeply Superficial posted a terrific fashion editorial from Teen Vogue – I dig the styling too, all those washed out colours, more is more is more, and of course, boots.

Karma-rama for all my interfriends,

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2 thoughts on “click click – 14-05-10”

  1. Point 5 (the professor one) is totally fascinating.

    Particularly since, when I was a child, there was the feeling it was almost official policy to make sure Australia killed whatever manufacturing industries it had. My uncle was directly affected. Still feels that government policy is to discourage all on-shore manufacturing, actually. Since then, there’s been endless hollow talk of “building the clever country” encouraging innovation, exports etc.

    I’m thinking: no wonder that hasn’t worked.

    And, if I want to innovate, how can I do that contrary to government/social pressure?

    Did the same sort of thing happen in Canada? Active discouragement of manufacturing, policies to close it down?

  2. Ginevra – I think Canada is not quite as proactive as Australia. We’ve merely allowed our manufacturing to slowly decay, mostly ignored. Our problem is that we seem unable to refine and add value to our abundant natural resources. We export so much raw stuff for way too cheap =[. Canada is also full of hollow talk about encouraging innovation. I think on an individual level it doesn’t matter much, but the problem is that without gov’t support, innovation stays on an individual level.

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