Dr. Splatters

How are Dr. Martens like hobbits?  Well, for their fiftieth anniversary, they give the best gifts.  In my case, I gratefully received a pair of zippered, patent red leather 16-holers.  At first, I was a bit intimidated by them, they were so… shiny, slick, snazzy.  When worn with black, they bordered on goth-y.  My current obsession is a mission to embrace colour.  To help me, I enlisted the aid of Ashley Rowe.

Ashley Rowe is a fashion designer whose Fall 2010 collection included a line of original, one-of-a-kind splattered T-shirts.  Each lovingly shot one by one with a watergun full of paint, they are a steal starting at $75. Its fun and spontaneous.  I asked her if it was possible to do boots, and she went for it!  I wanted something preppy-punk, so I asked for blue…

… and white.  I was literally making squeaks and groans with pleasure as Ashley splattered my boots.  So good! Love love love!

These are epic.

I’m wearing

  • shirt – Attitude by SEARS
  • jeans – Paper Denim & Cloth
  • boots – !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Dr. Martens, thank you Ashley Rowe!

BONUS GIF: big thank you to rock-it promotions for inviting me out to the Precious Metal Gala, my first perfect opportunity to rock the boots.  It was a fun night of activities for ladies, sponsored by Harley-Davidson with proceeds going to support Rethink Breast Cancer.  I had so much fun, I mostly forgot to take pictures, but I did manage to get three of me, improbably lifting an extremely heavy motorcycle.

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15 thoughts on “Dr. Splatters”

  1. The contrast between the patent and the paint splatters is awesome – somehow grungy but slick and sweet. The colours, the texture… Love them! Good idea.

  2. I love the boots, but what I love more is your unabashed love for Attitude by Sears. I saw a one-shouldered sack dress there with sort of a bizarre twisted shoulder detail that could have been either a costume from “Sweet Charity” or a modern piece from a runway like Lanvin. It was so cool that it made my head spin. And it was at Sears!

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