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It is a beautiful day in Toronto, windy, sunny and rainy all at the same time.  This post might as well be called “how I learned to stop worrying and love the outfit photo post.” I’ve resisted long enough, it is time to admit that it is part of my repertoire – and is much more fun to do now that the weather allows me to go outside and perform for the neighborhood.

Today I got to go visit Over the Rainbow – one of my favourite clients ever – try on a selection of Fidelity Denim and take a pair for myself, thanks to Faulhaber PR.  It couldn’t have come at a better time – my beloved Paper Denim & Cloth jeans (I’m wearing them in this post) are on the edge of developing their first hole, so my prayers to the denim gods were answered.

Speaking of the denim gods, I got to speak to one of their emissaries – Jason Trotzuk, the man with his name on the Fidelity label, was there to gamely answer our questions, even questions about boyfriends and jeggings (he’s not a fan of either). I liked him right away – he has that right kind of intensity that serves a designer well.

I asked him if designing denim was more art or science?  He said, it is an art, at least when it comes to divining what is now or next – but a science when it comes to execution. He described how he works with mills in Italy to develop exclusive fabrics, and all of the stages of construction and production which happens in Los Angeles.  I asked him if jeans are about fashion or function?  Here he was adamant – its about function first.  Sure, Fidelity makes the nod to trends, but for most customers, jeans are to be worn and loved for many seasons.

Lastly, I got nitty-gritty – why do all of Fidelity’s jeans have stretch?  I’m a 100% cotton kind of girl. Jason laughed – he delivers what his customers want, and most of them want jeans with a bit of give. I’m the kind of masochist who loves the way real cotton binds, yields, and fades, but hey, I’m on a boho blogger budget, and Fidelity is all about premium pants. So I’m only too happy to give these Houstons a spin. I love the way they look, they will be getting a lot of wear out of me.  Thanks Fidelity.

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6 thoughts on “what I wear – Fidelity Houston jeans”

  1. I’m a 100% cotton kind of girl too. All this talk of tight denim makes me want a denim corset or piecework obi belt to tie a little too tightly around me. Mmm…

    I love the dark wash — it suits you well. 😀

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