what I wear – Greg May Hair cut

Remember my New Years resolution to grow my hair out?  Back in January, I lucked out and won a twitter contest for a haircut with Greg May, which is quite the coup considering he coifs so many of Toronto’s most fashionable and influential women.  At the time, I barely had any hair to cut, but I knew I would need that cut somewhere along the line, and the Trash Fusion Competition show I’m modelling in this weekend (!) provided the perfect opportunity.

After seven or eight months away from the shears, my hair was in a terrible, uneven state, which is why I wore ponytails every single day.  I asked Greg to give me a haircut that would allow me to transition to longer hair, and a haircut which didn’t announce itself too loudly as a capital-H haircut.  I wanted something that would just let me be me and look good doing it.  I have had more than enough wacky haircuts in my 20s, and at 27 it feels like the right time to transition to something more natural. Not as much fun as a fancy edged-out cut, yet subtlety requires a skilled hand and Greg certainly has those – as well as a tremendous, genuine personality.  We hit it off right away and I felt at ease, and now that the cut is done I feel prettier than I have in years, no kidding.  Thanks so much Greg!

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8 thoughts on “what I wear – Greg May Hair cut”

  1. Great hair, Danielle — you went to exactly the right person. Greg is a genius especially with cuts like yours. You’ll find that it’ll hold its shape for ages as it grows!

  2. It looks awesome! Greg is the best : ) Janine keeps telling me he’s good with hair like ours. At least I think your hair is similar to mine. Heh.

    I’m planning to save for my next haircut and go see him for maybe something a little edgier. We shall see!

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