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When I think of Tilley hats, I think of my dad.  Dad has worn his way through many a Tilley hat, taking advantage of the lifetime guarantee multiple times.  When I found out that Tilley was working with stylist and dear friend Linda Gaylard, I was pleased to have the opportunity to see what was new.  Besides the iconic hats and 12-pocket vests, Tilley has a complete line of clothing created with traveling attractively in mind.

Want to check it out for yourself?  Thanks to Tilley, I have a $250 (!!) gift card to give away.  If you’re in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver you can use it in the flagship stores in those cities.  As a little bonus for the winner, I’m also going to include a little something for you from me.  To enter, please leave a comment on this post with the travel destination you’re dreaming of right now and your real email address so I can contact you.  I’ll pick the winner randomly next Wednesday.

The Tilley store is down at Queen’s Quay by the lake, and walking back I was curious to see some tall ships docking, covered with young sailors (and sailettes?) in denim shirts, pulling ropes and tugging on sails.

Linda and Andrea from Edelman helped me pick out a beautiful straw hat for myself – it has a pocket too – and a pink printed top with my favourite feature, the rolly cuff.  I’m wearing it here with Paper Denim & Cloth jeans and a new purchase, my first ever Converse All-Star hi-tops.  Though its common to think of Tilley being for older ladies and gentleman, Linda showed me how good quality, versatile and functional clothing, can be styled to anyone’s taste.

This lady looks far too proper to be perched on the prow of a ship.

It was fun to go through the collection with Linda as a guide. I especially liked the military inspired bags Tilley is working on for fall.  The fabrics are all practical, the signature pocket is in almost everything.  Linda looks great here in a Liberty print top, techy-fabric cardigan and a terrific execution of an idea which is I’ve seen before but usually looks clunky – the skirt zips off to reveal shorts underneath.  This version is sleek, the layers of fabric around the waist have been handled in a way that makes the zipper invisible.

Thanks so much to Tilley, Linda and Edelman PR for the generosity!  Please take them up on a kind offer and enter your dream destination in the comments.

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30 thoughts on “what I wear – Tilley Hat + giveaway”

  1. I really want to travel east by train, from Toronto to Halifax – Tour the built heritage of the cities along the way.

    I love the hat! I’m looking for one similar. Thanks for pointing the way!

  2. I was thinking of getting that same hat! So funny!
    My dream destination is always Paris – it never gets old. But if I had to pick somewhere I’ve never been, I’d choose Bora Bora.

  3. I do love you in that hat. I have to say that I have wanted to drive from Calgary to Vancouver to San Francisco. But I have my fingers crossed for an exchange to Leeds, so we shall see which will come first.

  4. My dream is to one day visit Egypt. I am obsessed with Ancient Egypt & King Tut at the AGO and the Book Of The Dead at the ROM made me even more so! Thanks for the contest! Love that skirt on Linda 🙂

  5. bora bora or maybe, a surf town in india or paris. ok, you said one, right? i’ll stick to the original. 😉

  6. I want to go back to Costa Rica where I was married on the beach. Will be 5 yrs soon and seems like a good milestone to renew the vows. And Buenos Aires. I dream of going there.

  7. I think I could rock some Tilley with sequins…
    I want to go to Sauble…haha, because I am going soon for a family vacation and I can’t wait to do nothing but sit on the beach and read smut.

  8. I’m dreaming of Toronto! I live in California & Toronto is my favorite vacation spot, I wish I could go there this summer but I’m currently heping a family member recover from an illness.

  9. Are tilley hats synonymous with Fathers? Whenever I see one I smile and think of a certain old dingbat and his favorite hat.

    That’s a fine ship there, a brig by the pictures. Did you catch her name?

  10. I have a Tilley hat that I got over ten years ago. I wear it a lot in the summer and don’t find it fashionable (it is a pretty basic one). However, it still looks like I just bought it after all these years – it washes up really well and is frankly perfect for gardening with its dark underbrim. It’s great to have such a quality item!
    I would love to go just about anywhere off of this continent, since I haven’t yet done that. I’d also like to go to Newfoundland (which is kind of off of the continent),,, But aside from tripping back to Winnipeg this summer, I’ll be tending my garden for the most part.
    The hat is very cute, Danielle!

  11. I love that hat! I’ve been looking for my perfect straw hat – I will definitely check out Tilley.

    My forever dream vacation are the Falkland Islands and Antarctica – ever since I read about it in Madeleine L’Engle’s Troubling a Star, and then ran around absorbing every documentary on icebergs, penguins, and Shackleton. I’ve been to Alaska and seen icebergs and fjords, but I bet they would be nothing compared to the ones in Antarctica. The landscape would be incredible and barren like nothing else on earth.

  12. My husband, my mother, my father and my aunt, all get Tilley boxes from me at Christmastime. They have all travelled far more than myself. My dream trip right now would be a portage through Temagami, because no one I know has done that, and I’d love to tell them what it is like to see it via canoe.

  13. A Tilley hat would be perfect for my annual vacation to Guelph for the Hillside Festival. I dream of it all year long. It is such a wonderful time!!

  14. Great looking ship. Hats are so useful to have in your collection. They protect your face from the sun and can add a bit of flair to your outfit.

  15. Personally, I am in a place right now because of work that I have a “anywhere but here” attitude. That isn’t to say I dislike Toronto, it is just that being in Toronto reminds me of the walls of my cubicle. The more I stare blankly at them, the more I hallucinate that they are grinning in anticipation of swallowing me whole. Certainly not the most attractive dream, but hence my “anywhere but here” mentality.

    My dream is to wander aimlessly through the English countryside, reading books and writing whatever it is I choose. That is the Thoreau in me. As much as I love a sense of “urban,” I really just want to escape to a quiet countryside in a foreign (to me) place where I can just sit peacefully for many minutes, hours and forget about everything I already know (or think I know).

  16. Heather – I can’t decide if your comments are spam or not?

    Jesse – you don’t want to enter the contest, even as a gift for a certain old dingbat? I forgot to remember the names of the ships (there were two), I’m think it was something dour to go with the figurehead.

  17. I’d like to explore Auckland, I’ve heard it is so beautiful there! Lots of rock climbing and exploring as well as a bustling city.

  18. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to go to Morocco! Maybe one day…
    sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com

  19. Thanks everyone for entering! I love that all of your dream destinations are so different. Mine would be Paris.

    The winner, picked out of my Tilley Hat at random, was Henria O. Congratulations, Henria!

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