what’s on my desk – new iMac

What is new with me?  Well, after five years it was finally time to upgrade from the Mac G5, my first computer, that changed my life, inspired this blog, and allowed me to create a modest career as a fashion illustrator.  I selected a brand-new 27″ iMac, maxed it out, and treated myself to a software upgrade too with the latest version of the Adobe Creative Suite.  The new computer is bigger and brighter and illustrating and blogging just got a whole lot more beautiful and delightful.  I am lucky with my business that it is fairly low overhead and for the most part I don’t need much to make it happen – but when I save up some money I love plugging it back into what I do. This is the place where I sit almost all of the time, I try to make it a pleasant place to be.

Interior designer Lisa Canning came to visit me last year and it is neat to see how much nicer my little studio space has become since then – better scanner, better chair – but it remains “lived in and well-utilized” which describes my attitude towards interiors very well.

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10 thoughts on “what’s on my desk – new iMac”

  1. Christy – its the same old wacom 9×12 I’ve been using for the past 6 (!) years.

    The bigness of the screen isn’t really visible from the angle I took the shot. It really dwarfs my old 19″ – and the 19″er is at full brightness in this photo – it looks so small and dim now!

  2. 6 years!! Way to go making it last! My cord on my last one finally gave out a few months ago and I had to buy a new one (excited!). It’s so nice to bring home new technological babies isn’t it?

  3. Hi Lilou, The 9×12 Wacom tablet is 6 years old, and I probably won’t replace it until it breaks. Tablets are so much nicer now than they used to be, but I have to keep my spending down after laying out so much for a new desktop.

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