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I checked out the Douglas Coupland collaboration at the Roots flagship on Bloor. I really dig how Coupland (whose books I have not read yet) chose the alternate, unusual iconography for Canada – that of a technological nation, “indoorsy”, the country of Marshall McLuhan, Expo ’67, vast open spaces spanned by wires. When I saw the initial ads, with models in cheesy poses, I wasn’t convinced, but when I saw the artwork above in the store, I wished that these images had been used for promotion, they’re so striking. Above is “Brilliant Information Overload Pop” by Douglas Coupland.

  • Chanel to quit Sears in dispute over dollar – I’ve been following this story for a few months now – its worth scrolling down to the “related information” section at the bottom of the article for the background. Its interesting to watch these big companies throw their weight around. Unlike Chanel, most vendors aren’t gutsy enough to call Sears’ bluff.
  • Stephen Fry: What I wish I’d known when I was 18 – A wonderful interview with a wise and witty man about being social, whether online or in real life. Hat tip @bindinglogic.
  • Artisanal Pencil Sharpening – nice to see someone is reviving the art of service in the face of DIY culture.
  • KNOTpr – a day in the life – Tatiana expands on a question I asked her once, sharing the minute details of a day in the life of an up and coming PR star.
  • How Supermodels are like Toxic Assets – this article is fascinating, comparing the injustices of fashion to the social influences on financial markets. A must read for anyone pursuing a career in a “winner-take-all” market.  Hat Tip Jezebel.
  • My Vintage Vogue – terrific collection of old fashion magazine scans.
  • FASHION Magazine wants you to vlog – seems a bit redundant to make a video for a chance to win a video camera, but this might be a terrific opportunity for an up and coming Canadian fashion blogger.

Karmarama for linkies and commenties…

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  • HéBé’s Blog“So deal with it or just look at the pictures if you are completely desperate.”
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One thought on “click click – 27-07-10”

  1. I’m going to check out the Roots store today – I’m a little skeptical about a *writer* of all people doing a fashion collaboration, but ultimately so into Expo ’67 that I’ll cut the guy major slack. Also, I met Coupland when I was 19 and he complimented my nailpolish which was really nice of him so he is always A+ in my books.

    I love your click click posts Danielle – I could spend a day going through all the fun links. 🙂

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