competition – Prada Swing Manga contest

I discovered the Prada Swing Manga contest via I want – I got.

“Swing” in jazz jargon, means the passage from one chord to another. If this sound could be designed, it would have the flowing and lithe lines of the new Prada eyewear collection. This desire to make sound visual has led to the idea of beginning a new collaboration with comic book illustrators from around the world. Prada, which is famous for its multiple collaborations with international architects, designers, directors and photographers, will this time launch a “Manga Contest”. Participants will include the best-known comic book-design schools along with independent illustrators. This will be an actual contest in which participants will be asked to design a fantasy heroine. The only constraint is that the woman must wear Prada Swing sunglasses in the comic strip. The objective is to animate Prada Swing sunglasses whilst, above all, exploring the possibilities of how different creative worlds can intermingle without any set rules (such as those of fashion and comic book design). The contest will be open to submissions from the evening of July 14 to August 31. The winner’s heroines will become the protagonists of a Prada publication. All the information will be available on

The terms and conditions state that the winner will forfeit full copyright to the artwork and character design, and there is an award of 5000 euros. Entries consist of a storyboard for the comic (I can’t find any further instruction regarding size or number of pages) and are due by August 31, 2010.

I’m considering entering this if I can find the time.

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