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A few weeks ago, I was skipping town for the weekend and realized that besides my sandals, all of my footwear consisted of massive, heavy duty boots, which are impractical for hot summers like this one and also far too clunky to throw into a little bag when you need to get out of town.  Solution?  On the way to my destination, I stopped into a small town mall (in Peterborough) and bought these classic navy blue hi-tops.  Hard to believe, but these are my first ever pair of Converse All Stars in my life. As a teenager, I don’t remember them being as popular as Vans and Docs. They’re more of a Generation X thing, I think, I seem to recall my youngest aunt wearing them.

Back in the city, I suddenly started to notice them everywhere, and in particular I noticed that I liked to see them worn with a bit of flair – care and attention to the lacing seems like a subtle way of showing that style matters to you. I found this site, all about lacing up your Chuck Taylors, and had to try it out, going for the “straight across” lacing on my hi-tops. As a fashion student, I had a bit of a thing for lacing, but somehow that never translated to my boots.  Something about the white laces makes me want to play around.

Serendipity called, now that I had bought my first pair, I got an invitation from the PR for Converse in Toronto to come and check out the fall collection.  We had a little tour showing All-Stars for every taste. I particularly like the alt textile converse – wool, suede and corduroy (especially because I’ve been predicting the return of corduroy, not that I’d ever wear it), and the plaids. If you haven’t yet seen it, take a look at the Dr. Suess collaboration it is ridiculous and delightful.

Thanks so much to Converse for a generous gift – a pair of pale grey, low profile one-stars, which I laced up “triangle” fashion.

How do you lace up your Chucks?

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4 thoughts on “what I wear – laced up Chucks”

  1. I lace mine as loosely as possible, nothing complicated. I am trying to get to that perfect slip-on-slip-off looseness… not quite there yet! I loved this article because it so much reminded me of myself and how I just got my first pair only months ago and now I love love love my grey high tops. So much so that I had to purchase a second pair, all black, even the rubber.

    I also had to comment because Keira is a dear friend & I was totally excited to see her here too! (Hey!!!!) I will also be attending the gala on Friday & I have been fighting the idea of wearing my “fancy” black chucks to such an occasion… haha. It feels so rebellious!

    Anyway, cheers to us all! I look forward to meeting you Danielle!

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