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This picture has nothing to do with the internet – it is a collage that has been attached to a chain link fence in my neighbourhood, and may be one of my favourite pieces of random street art ever – not just for the delightful figure drawings, but also for the natural, progressive state of decay.  Click for big.

  • Schumer Bill Seeks to Protect Fashion Design – Cathy Horyn reports on a new bill meant to modify the DPPA to take into account the concerns of the AAFA. Fashion-Incubator explains why the Schumer Bill is an improvement on the previous fashion design copyright bill. Even as an illustrator, I find copyright concerns to be increasingly anachronistic, so it is interesting to see fashion going against the current (as usual). The times are forcing us to radically re-assess copyright in all media, I’m not sure if so much sandbagging is going to keep the inevitable from happening, not that I know what the inevitable will be.
  • Electric Chaircut – interactive performance art – this man tapes people into chairs, and then gives them haircuts using instruments that make noise through a speaker strapped to his back. Wacky. Hat tip @geekigirl.
  • Learn Your Damn Homophones – another terrific link from @geekigirl, I’m not too proud to admit that I found this useful.
  • The Beats: Picture of a Legend – review of a book of photographs by Allen Ginsberg of the beats when they were young, with some juicy excerpts including this ultimate truism from Ginsberg: “If you’re famous, you can get away with anything!”
  • Seven Years as a Freelance Writer – one of the best mini-memoirs of the freelance experience I’ve ever read, I was nodding all the way through. Gutsy moves, hunger hurts, high hopes and low downs, big wins and devastating losses, it is one of the craziest ways to make a living – and I’ve never known it any other way.
  • Fashion industry internships: exploitation or experience? – a look at upper-middle-class slavery – er – the fashion internship economy in the UK. In a winner take all market, a lot of people are racing to the bottom.
  • Eloise at Conde Nast – a brief memoir of the internship experience at the prestigious NYC publisher.
  • Doodled Dandies – paper dolls get dandified, and look terrific doing it.
  • The Man Repeller – enter the trend of fashion blogs with cute gimmicks, and this one is one of the best I’ve seen. Hat tip @tiyanagrulovic.

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