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Until August 30 at the flagship location of Holt Renfrew at Bay and Bloor in Toronto, there is an exhibition of some of Tommy Ton‘s photographs in the shoe department, appropriately celebrating a favourite subject. Well worth checking out – Tommy is an international photo blogger who pursues his passion with tremendous enthusiasm, skill and style.

  • What Is It About 20-Somethings? – a long article about a subject… well, if you are blogging or reading blogs, it is probably about you.
  • Russia in color – a century ago – incredible photographs from Russia a century ago, that look so vivid they almost seem contemporary, if it weren’t for the clothes.
  • New York Regains Fashion Capital Crown from Milan – calculated based on media and google algorithms, the Global Language Monitor has ranked cities according to fashion influence.  Toronto ranks #38.
  • “The Canadian School” – speaking of ranking, this Walrus article is sort of a state-of-the-union assessment of Canadian fashion’s current reputation.
  • Fashion Tries on Zero Waste Design – terrific press for a somewhat abstract, avant-garde pattern design method which is beginning to be thoughtfully considered as a way of reducing waste on an industrial scale.
  • How to hire an artist – an interesting article which gives a client’s side of the story when it comes to working with creative freelancers. Though there is no such thing as a typical client, this piece is a great reminder that all clients have their own considerations and ways of doing business that influence whether an artist will get – or even want – the gig.

Karma for incoming linkers and commenters –

  • Another Word for Pink“You can get custom made dresses for prices comparable to retail. How great is that?”
  • Wendy Brandes Jewelry“I blog about fashion, medieval history, feminism, dogs and other things that inspire or annoy me.”
  • Salon52“Is ’statement hair’ something you strive for in your salon? Are you known for your hair?”
  • Seven Dollar Pants“We created Seven Dollar Pants after endless conversations about shopping deals and living a fabulous life on a budget.”
  • 100 to Draw“One student’s goal to draw 100 sketches per week until the week of graduation.”
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