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I enjoy keeping an eye on who the fashion bloggers in Canada are, and one question that comes up from time to time is whether there are any menswear focused blogs in Canada. I always recommend Thom Wong’s site The Sunday Best – based out of Vancouver. Thom’s site celebrates his taste in all things, but especially clothing and music. He occasionally illustrates little story blog posts, something very rare and charming.  He also produces podcasts from time to time and kindly gave me a few tips when I started my own podcast adventures. I asked Thom a few questions about niche blogging and the connection between music and style.

When I think of great fashion blogs in Canada that focus on menswear, I think of you… and then my mind goes blank. Are there any other members of your niche I should be aware of?

That’s very flattering, but I’d hardly call my blog great if only for the simple reason that I don’t put nearly enough time into it. (Wendy Brandes has a great article on this at IFB). I don’t link to any men’s style blogs written by Canadians, but that hardly means great ones aren’t out there. I just don’t tend to read style blogs.

I just Googled “men’s style blog Canada” and the first hit is my friends at Style Salvage out of England. So maybe part of the problem is Google.

Here’s one I found at random: Blame it on Vancouver

Do you agree that there is a lack of great men’s fashion blogs out there, or is supply more or less equal to demand?

I’ve thought about this more than I should, and my feeling is supply actually exceeds demand – in the sense that any at all might be too much. Men just don’t discuss fashion the same way as women do. By that I don’t mean they simply talk about it less, although they do, but more that they talk about it differently. For example, I read Street Etiquette regularly now, but I can’t imagine reading another men’s style blog dedicated to the writer(s)’ style. Almost no one is writing about men’s style from a critical or theoretical standpoint, but I don’t get any sense that there’s a demand for that. I’d read that site.

You are also an avid follower of music – do you think your taste in clothing complements or contrasts with your taste in music?

There was an article in Radar Magazine about “twee-mo” and I was horrified to find how much I fit into it. Wes Anderson movies. Earl Grey tea. McSweeney’s. But the kicker was the styling of the two models – Moscots and bowties and fitted blazers. Basically they pwn’d me, and I had no response.

I also read somewhere that Vampire Weekend had ruined the way rock stars dress. First of all, VW are not “rock stars.” Pete Doherty, god bless him, is a rock star. Not in the sense of his popularity, but in the sense that he seems hell bent on personal destruction.

All this to say – yes, my taste in music is probably discernible from my style.

Are there any music artists in particular whose sartorial savvy is equal to their ability to rock?

Janelle Monae. Full-stop. I am completely obsessed with her. Ok, and David Byrne.

Can you describe a favourite fashion experience you’ve had?

Every time I go into Blackbird in Seattle. It’s just a nice place to hang out.

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6 thoughts on “fashion blog karma – The Sunday Best”

  1. Thanks for the tip you’re right about the lack of male fashion bloggers in Canada, let alone Toronto. The one I’ve been following is the shopmyclothes blog, He wrote a couple of columns for the MTV online fora magazine and had some pretty good insight into things.

  2. This is true. It always seems that people promoting themselves as fashion bloggers are all about women’s fashion. There should be a revolution of mens fashion blogging starting now.

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