what I wear – summer blues

My glasses broke last week. I’ve had the glasses for seven years, and they’ve very much become part of my signature look. It was inevitable that they would break at some point, but I was emotionally and practically unprepared. I have no backup glasses, and the fix-it shop said it would take until Monday. So I got contact lenses. Its been a bit strange to go back to contacts, which I haven’t worn since I was a teenager. I’m so used to seeing my face with glasses, and it sort of feels like my face is incomplete or boring without glasses. On the other hand, I’m excited for the possibility of acquiring sunglasses.

This dress I made recently using a similar pattern to this dress, but with the added nerdy-fun of getting to match plaid.

I’m really pleased with the navy blue heels.  I saw them at Haus and instantly knew they would fit perfectly and I had to have them.  They’re a perfect, low, comfortable feminine heel. I would love a similar pair in white, now I’m on the lookout for similar styles.

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One thought on “what I wear – summer blues”

  1. Gorgeosity. I always love plaid, whether rough and tumble Canadiana or made feminine like this. You would turn my head 🙂

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