click click – 23-09-10

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Yesterday I got to see one of the more exciting annual shows in Toronto – the Cashmere 2010 bathroom tissue collection. Cashmere is a brand that has really made the effort to feature Canadian design talent, and encouraging them to create designs that are unusual and extreme, out of toilet paper. Every year it is exciting to see what the designers do with the brief, and this year’s collection did not disappoint. The design above is by Zoran Dobric.

Karma for all the commenters and linkers who make Final Fashion so much livelier <3 you all really came out of the woodwork this week to wish me well, thanks so much!

  • Spontaneous Reality “spon·ta·ne·ous: sudden inner impulse without premeditation. re·al·i·ty: the world or the state of things as they actually exist.”
  • The Runaway DressOur minds are deceiving, we believe whatever we assume and at times, we assumed wrong.”
  • Nature Insider“I will be your guide into the world of gourmet cuisine with a healthy touch :)”
  • Style Salvage“an open discussion conducted by two friends, Steve and EJ, on how men could (and should) dress.”
  • Ashley Bartlett“A girl about town, Ashley is constantly on the go. Call this a diary of sorts. A diary of travels. A diary of experiences.”
  • With a glowing heart“I am in transition between a city I dearly love and a city I know nothing about, here are some thoughts and images along the journey.”
  • Dream on Rainy Days“She’s out to cure her wanderlust, indulge her love of books, food and fashion, and whenever possible, write about those things with gusto.”
  • Starrilicious“My current obsession is sewing followed closely by crochet.”
  • Dara Dot Designs – “handcrafted jewellery and accessories company focused on bringing fun back into fashion.”

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