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Preparing to move means a lot of purging, and this time, even more so. I’ve been tossing old binders of schoolwork, and I’ve thrown out a lot of my early clothing designs from fashion school, patterns, and so on. The trickiest to go through was old artwork – sketchbooks and illustration assignments. I’ve decided to err on the side of ruthlessness rather than sentimentality.

Still, its quite something to reflect on past work. Hindsight makes it a lot easier to understand what my illustration professors were trying to teach me, when it comes to loosening up and being less slavish to my influences. A lot of my student work is quite… crap, to be honest. Some of it is interesting. One thing that I miss about illustration classes was how they took me out of my comfort zone. I found these two from a series of chalk pastel stuff from ’03 or ’04 – not my favourite medium by any means, but something about them is quite nice and I hesitated to toss them, for a moment.

I hope any aspiring fashion illustrators out there can take comfort from the awkward feet and overworked (or underworked) facial features. The nice thing about these drawings is how I demonstrated at least some sense of brevity.

If I ever have any future biographers, they will hate me for being such a poor archivist. One of the things that I love about modern illustration is just how little space pixels takes up, and the freedom that affords. In order to make a move, I have to reduce the amount of things I have to just a few. I’ve chosen the things I will keep and store according to usefulness – mostly furniture & tools. My early development as a fashion illustrator will remain, mercifully, mostly undigitized.

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4 thoughts on “fashion illustrated – student work”

  1. I absolutely love that first illustration. A little heartbroken that you threw it away. You were, and still are, a very talented artist.

  2. These are outstanding! You’re really talented, especially with chalk pastels, geez. I miss my college drawing classes, it was such a good time.

  3. They say that we cling to possessions because we are either living in the past (old stuff can be touch-stones) or living in the future (I’m going to make or do something with this) and we are not living in the present.

    I was sentimental and couldn’t let go of my clutter…I finally solved my problem by taking photos of everything before I got rid of it…so now I have my touch-stones…visually at least…and every so often I go to my CDs of memorabilia and take a sentimental journey.
    Ta and good luck in your new life…I’ve loved your blog since you started it.

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