London UK bound

St Paul’s Cathedral and London Eye by J. A. Alcaide

I am moving to London UK on November 18, 2010. Got my VISA in hand, flight booked. This is real. I have never been to London before. A grand move into the unknown. What am I doing there? The same thing I do here, even grander, and without a plan.

At the beginning of 2010, I said 2010 seemed like a year where things would happen – and I had no idea how right I would be. In June, my eight-year relationship ended. If posting seems to have dropped off a bit over the last three months, this is the reason why. Heartbreak is hard enough, and at the same time, all certainties evaporate. From another angle, it was an unexpected opportunity to radically re-evaluate my life and my career. I felt determined not to spend the rest of my 20s (just 2 years) with a single regret. Knowing I had to make a move, I thought I would make a big one. One thing I have always wanted to experience is living in a fashion capital. Getting a VISA for the UK is fairly easy as a Canadian under 30, so it really seems like now is the time to go.

Of course, this is just the catalyst for so many other changes. For the blog, my plan is to get much more personal. I would really like to be able to document with candour the experience of pursuing a career as an independent creative in the fashion industry, which I think is the real essence of Final Fashion. Less posts, more purpose. Better.

The transition will be a gradual one, and it starts now. Thanks to all of you, always.

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28 thoughts on “London UK bound”

  1. Oh Danielle! This is so exciting. I’m totally going to be living vicariously through your journey (through your blog) — thanks for being so brave 🙂 You’re just going to adore London! xo

  2. That is amazing news!! I’m sure you’ll find lots of opportunities there and traveling around Europe will be so much easier. Much luck to you Danielle, I enjoy your blog and am looking forward in hearing about your adventures in the UK. Best wishes!

  3. Although it took the end of your relationship to help you get to this point in your life, I’m really excited for you. This is going to be an amazing adventure, and I can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. Wow! I’m so jealous! Congrats on making a big and gutsy decision – I’m excited to read your blog in the future, but I will miss seeing you at fashion events in Toronto.

    I hope this will help you get through the heartbreak – it’s never easy. Take care of yourself, I hope we get to meet up before you leave!

  5. What a foreboding picture of London! Hope you have a great time moving there- I’m sure that you will (but then again, I’m from London so I’m hideously biased). Make sure that once you are settled in you take the chance to visit other cities in the UK. There really is so much to see!

  6. Hi Danielle
    It seems we are off on the same adventure. I have lived in Toronto for the past 5 years and I am now on my way to London, England. It is good to know I am not the only one crazy enough to pick up my life and move it to the Centre of the Universe.
    Anyways my point was, 2 friends of mine who are Canadian fashion photographers made the big move in may. Check out their website, perhaps you can collaborate with some fellow countryfolk when you get settled.
    Good Luck.

  7. A world fashion capital is the place for you Danielle. Go do great things and we’ll follow your journey.
    Ones physical location gets less and less important in the current fashion age.. but we’ll miss you for lovely things like having lunch together.

  8. Although I am sorry to hear of the rough times you have faced recently, I am super excited (and jealous!) of your big move. I had the pleasure of visiting London back in University and it was awesome. I wanted to move there the instant the plane touched down! I think it’s wonderful that you have seized the opportunity and created positivity out of sadness. Good luck and of course, I am excited to see the big change in you as reflected in your blog. Good luck!

  9. Congratulations! It certainly is a big step, but you’ll be able to look back without regret. I’m sure your readers, myself included, will all look forward to your posts from London!

  10. Thanks everyone for the well wishes – I worried a bit about posting this because, well, its still T minus 57 days until liftoff, and it feels like everyone thinks I’m leaving tomorrow. Well. Not. But. Soon.

  11. Good luck with the move. London, UK was one of my favourite cities to visit and be in. I’d like to go back for 2 weeks some time.

    57 days is not that far away, but the excitement must be building.

    I am also really sorry to hear about your relationship ending in June. It’s not easy to have to go through something like that, and it explains a lot (about your posting that is).

  12. i’ve been a lurker for a while now… i came across this post at exactly the right time… thank you.

    wishing you all the best on your new adventure

  13. Hi Danielle,
    I found your blog thanks to twitter months ago and enjoyed reading your entries. You are going to love London, it’s exciting, different and oh there are so many things to be inspired by. It’s my home away from home!
    Don’t belive ppl if they tell you it always rains there, it doesn’t! It actually has pretty amazing sunny days.
    So good luck and can’t wait to read about your advantures in your new home!

  14. hi danielle… it has been a long time. i noticed traffic to the interview i did with you and decided to check in. as usual, i love your writing, your honesty, your courage and your intelligence… and, of course, your creativity. indeed endings are hard. but i wish you so much happiness with your new beginnings. xx/jill

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