tearsheets – NYLON 2001 selections

In 2001, I lived in rural Ontario near a small town of around 2400 people. I knew that my clothes weren’t right and that I was in the wrong place, but I didn’t know anything about what the right clothes and the right place for me was. I was 18 going on 19. I would go to the Jug City next door to the health food store where I worked, and I would look at the magazines. When I discovered NYLON I became totally transfixed.

I didn’t understand almost all of the music references. I didn’t really like many of the editorials. But what I did like was the idea of being a city girl in New York or London, of being surrounded by variety and ideas, the possibilities of doing something creative as a career. And I liked how the DIY, deliberately unslick proto-hipster style was so easily mimicked with my limited resources. I bought each issue and examined it exhaustively. Around this time I shook a strong leaning towards apathy and applied to fashion school.

In the spirit of labour day and returning to school, I was inspired to dig into my back issues of NYLON.

Below are two stories which I want to preserve in scanned form, just because they were so incredibly crucial in creating the idea of what I could become. You can click the scans to see them larger. The first, from JUNE/JULY 2001 is a story about designer Mark Kroeker (New York Magazine tells me his label lasted from 1993-2006) which included DIY instructions for a tube dress, which I adapted, inelegantly, in unforgiving stretch denim to create the dress I wore to my high school graduation. I hope I can find a picture, when I do I’ll post it.

Second, from AUGUST 2001, an illustrated editorial by Tayashi Miyazawa which unabashedly influenced the slightly anime-esque illustration style I had in my early years of fashion school.

Were there any stories from magazines you had as a teen that were similarly pivotal in your formation as an adult?

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3 thoughts on “tearsheets – NYLON 2001 selections”

  1. That is hands down the best diy article i’ve seen in a fashion mag. What a beautiful dress, I might have to make myself one. I would love to see your highschool creation (I know mine are always hilarious to look back at).

  2. the most influential for me were a number of columns in Seventeen, which were, when I was in high school and college, illustrated by Jordi Labanda, who continues to be one of my favorite illustrators.

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