what I wear – stuff from gapcanada.ca, sort of

Ever since I put the word out there that I was into clothes, I’ve become a lot better dressed.  Thanks to all the publicists who’ve responded so generously. The latest opportunity came courtesy of the good people at GAP Canada.  They’ve just launched gapcanada.ca, offering online shopping, free shipping and returns to Canadian customers and they invited the media, and me, to give it a spin.

I ordered a pair of black pants off the site in 5 minutes because that’s my shopping style (just want to get it over with), and they shipped to my door within 3 days which is pretty amazing, GAP built a whole new distribution centre just to be able to make magic like that happen. But here’s the thing with shopping online – pants are tricky to fit, and they never look quite the same on you as they do on the supermodel in the picture. So I got to test out another gapcanada.ca promise, that items from the site can also be exchanged in a bricks and mortar store.

I took it to the GAP store in the Eaton Centre where I was enthusiastically greeted as the first ever .ca exchanger.  The computer didn’t quite know what to make of it but the sales clerks made the switch happen anyway. Great service from start to finish. I picked a new tank top and cardigan which feels nice and cozy on the first cool day of September.

It is such a pleasure to see major retailers like GAP making efforts to deliver a great online shopping experience to Canadians. Especially as someone who grew up in a rural part of Canada, the ability to have easy access to the same stores as urban dwellers would have been a dream come true. Access to fashion regardless of location is a trend I whole heartedly support.  Thanks GAP.

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