adoring – avatars by Caitlin Cronenberg

Seems weird to write adoring over a photo of myself -unless it’s Caitlin Cronenberg‘s version. I wanted something simple but expressive and ideally suited to a twitter avatar. The thing with avatars, is that they are the first thing people will often see of you. It is interesting to think of the facial expressions, and really, the intentions behind them, you’d want to send out there to everyone who doesn’t know you?

Caitlin was so successful at capturing me both as I am and as I want to be. Thanks so much Caitlin.

She also caught a great image of my friendship with my roommate Kat. Kat just moved out a month ago and I miss her already – she’s a smart fun easygoing and generous. Thanks Kat for being there and being a cool girl.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving everyone.

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5 thoughts on “adoring – avatars by Caitlin Cronenberg”

  1. Danielle, although my first impression of you wasn’t from
    your Twitter avatar – it didn’t exist until
    a month or two after we met – I did see your new avatar before this blog post. Wow! That’s all I can say. Caitlin did an amazing job of capturing your personality. The photos are spectacular.

  2. Thanks Danielle! I had so much fun at our shoot! Just wait til I write my blog about the drawing you did for me in fashion school… Still hanging on my wall! x

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