drawing – Evan Biddell SS11 show

Evan Biddell showed in the same place he now works – Seven Continents, a visual display company located in distant north Toronto among the industrial parks and suburban malls. Surrounded by manufacturing facilities capable of fabricating all sorts of materials, I was really excited to see what Biddell would come up with. The results were surprising and not in the way I expected – it was a remarkably wearable collection reiterating a lot of Biddell’s favourite themes.

I did something I have often imagined but never had the guts to do before – I sat with the photographers at the end of the runway to do my sketching. The first sketching session of any season is stressful – things aren’t loose and warm yet, so being surrounded by so many other technicians who are total pros at recording the shows was a little nerve-wracking but also in a way, exotic.

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