drawing – THOMAS// SS11 show

The cool thing about THOMAS// was the way they subverted standard fashion show format. Dim lighting, atonal soundscape instead of music (it sort of sounded like a train station), with models slowly walking along the edges of the runway instead of the center. The clothes were minimal & graphic. It was an interesting show to watch and fun to draw, the contrariness worked out well.

One at THOMAS// didn’t work out so well. The final model was sent out in a jacket that was too small – and because the retreat of the models was so slow, the awkward fit through the shoulders and back became an unfortunate punctuation mark to the show. I think its a good idea for designers to carefully consider the back view of the final exit – because when it is exiting, it is the last thing we see of the collection for the longest period of time and leaves a lasting impression.

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One thought on “drawing – THOMAS// SS11 show”

  1. danielle – looove this sketch. a lil’ brooding, quite emotional, and minimal at it’s best. captures the THOMAS// look perfectly.

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